Know Pain, Know Gain!

When we have pain or discomfort, say for instance “pain in the neck with tingles and numbness in the hand”, the first thing most of us tend to do is to hope that it would just go away, but if it persists, we wonder why we have this pain and what to do about it.

If you are reading this, then there is a high probability that you may seek a quick consult with “Dr. Google” and perhaps even try some simple hacks that you may learn.

There could be several causative factors for this pain.

– It could be a disc bulge impinging on the nerve root.

– It could be due to tightness/spasm in the deep neck muscles causing compression on the neuro-vascular bundle.

– It could be due to compression at the intervertebral foramen where the nerve root exits.

– It could be due to compression at the carpal tunnel at the wrist level.

While these are some of the common causative origins of pain, we would be able to properly diagnose the cause of pain by getting a thorough history, understanding the mechanism of injury, and proper analysis of the movements and special tests.

This way we would first know what is causing the pain and when we KNOW what is causing the pain, we can GAIN from proper treatment to address it.

This is where consulting us may help you.

While we are limited in terms of providing “in-person” visits to only those that are in “urgent” or “emergency” situations. We are still available via “Telehealth” to assess and provide tangible treatment solutions to enable you to “Get well and Move well”

Thank you.

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