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Motor vehicle accident injuries can be very frustrating and stressful to deal with. Not only do you have to worry about car repairs, but also about addressing the injuries that you have sustained. We at Physio Care Owen Sound, focus on providing 1 on 1 individualized physiotherapy services to help you recover to your pre-injury status. Here are some tips to help you navigate through for accessing physiotherapy following a motor vehicle accident. If you have had a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA for short), you may be unsure how you can get the physiotherapy care you need. Here are the steps to take to begin your recovery here at Physio Care Owen Sound.
  1. Make sure you have contacted your car insurance company to let them know you have had an accidentThey will assign you a claim number, which you need in order to begin treatment, and for us to begin billing.
  2. Book an initial MVA appointment. We will put together a file of all the necessary paperwork we require in order to assess & treat you. Please inform us if you already have an assigned claim number when you book in.
  3. Arrive 15-30 min prior to your initial visit.
  4. The following Formsare required to be completed in order to process an MVA claim:
  • OCF- 1 Application for Accident Benefits: You are to submit this form to your MVA car insurance company as soon as possible. It usually comes in the package they send to you once you have notified them of your accident.
  • OCF-5 Permission to Disclose Health Information: This form allows us to speak with your treatment team, including your doctor(s) and insurance companies.
  • OCF-23 First page or OCF -18 First page: This form depends on your MVA classification, and your physiotherapist will be happy to let you know which to complete.
  • Our Physio Care Owen Sound, intake form.
  1. Your Initial Visit: Your physiotherapist will thoroughly assess you to determine the extent of your injuries, recommending a treatment planto determine the type & frequency of treatments to ensure optimal rehabilitation. We suggest booking your appointments ahead of time in order to get the physiotherapist and times that work best for your recovery.  Initially, most MVA plans begin with set blocks of time as per insurance regulations. We will explain this in greater detail when we meet with you.
  2.  Payment: If you have personal health coverage through your and/or your spouse’s benefit plan, you must pay upfront until your benefits are exhausted. At that point, you will need to contact your extended health insurance for a letter stating you have exhausted your coverage before your car insurance company will begin to pay. If you do not have benefit coverage, your car insurance company will cover your costs as per the treatment plan.  If your insurance company denies your initial MVA claim, you are responsible for the cost of your appointments.  
If you have any questions about any of the above, or what to expect in your treatments, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help you through the MVA process.


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