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Owen Sound Balance Clinic is an endeavor of Physio Care Owen Sound to serve people with balance and mobility deficits. The ability to move independently is essential to a good quality of life, and we want to help you accomplish that.

We take a two-pronged approach to work toward our goals.

First, we will complete a comprehensive assessment and recommend you an appropriate mobility aid.

If you need a walker or a wheelchair, you may be eligible for up to 75% funding via the assistive devices program (ADP) from the government of Ontario.

We will complete the application form and forward it to a vendor of your choice to get the equipment.

(Please note: An application is not a guarantee for funding. please contact us for more information)

Second, we recommend a personalized exercise program to improve your strength, agility, and balance to improve your ability to participate in your activities of daily living more independently.

We will design a personalized exercise program and work with you 1-on-1 over 6-12 weeks. You will attend the clinic weekly to work with us for 45 minutes to an hour of supervised exercise program. We will give you an exercise program to practice at home as well.

Clinical studies have shown that a reduction in muscle strength and coordination of the lower extremities, accompanied by decreased gait assurance and balance, contributes to a higher risk of falls among the elderly.

Exercise programs created to increase stability and reduce the risk of falls would improve overall physical functioning, which would improve the quality of life.

We will design a personalized exercise program and work with you 1 on 1 over a 6-12 week period to improve your strength, agility, and balance.

You will attend the clinic once a week for 45 minutes to 1-hour session of exercise therapy and we will provide an exercise program to practice at home as well.


Physiotherapy initial assessment – $110. 

1 on 1 exercise therapy – $65/session.

Both the initial assessment and exercise therapy sessions can be billed under extended health insurance.

With our knowledge and expertise in the prescription and use of mobility devices for safe ambulation and exercise therapy to improve your strength, agility, and balance; we expect that by the end of the program, you will be able to participate in the activities of your daily life independently or with minimal assistance.

Frequently asked questions:

Will my extended health insurance benefits cover the cost?

If you have extended Health Benefits, the cost of the physiotherapy assessment and the client portion of the walker fee may be partially or fully covered.

The 1 on 1 exercise therapy program will be covered by your extended health insurance.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription?

A doctor’s prescription is not necessary to participate in the ADP program or the physiotherapy assessment but may be required for your health claim from your extended health insurance. Check with your benefits provider prior to having the assessment and purchasing the walker.

What if I have associated pain in my joint/joints that is affecting my ability to move well?

You will be assessed by your physiotherapist separately for addressing any pain or dysfunction you have that is affecting your ability to move independently. Your physio will discuss with you physio interventions to address the underlying issues and the expected outcome. An appropriate exercise program would still be a component of your rehab.


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