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Physiotherapy Telehealth Owen Sound
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Please browse our frequently asked questions to find answers to your questions. If you require further assistance please do contact us.

What is Telehealth?

Physio Care is pleased to offer Physiotherapy via Telehealth  in Owen Sound. As the name suggests, Telehealth is health care assessment and treatment provided via telephone or a video conferencing platform. This enables us to provide remote delivery of health care services. We can address your pain and dysfunction without the need to meet in person.  This may not be the most ideal thing for some of you but we would still be able to assist you in managing your problem better than “Dr. Google”.

Why are you doing Telehealth?

We have extensive social distancing protocols in place to combat  COVID19, but people still get hurt and need physiotherapy to get better. Hence we came up with the plan to offer Telehealth. Physiotherapy Telehealth is a viable alternative to provide physio care through secure video conferencing platform. Telehealth enables us to assist you in feeling better until it is safe for us to meet in the clinic. 

Why a secure online platform, why not facetime or skype?

In order to protect your personal and medical health information we are providing this secure online platform (Jane). The common methods like “facetime” or skype calls do not pass the regulatory requirements. The “Jane” platform is simple and easy to use. It is secure and is compliant with the regulatory norms.

How would you do the telehealth appointments?

We first talk to you over telephone or communicate via email to determine if you will benefit with telehealth. Once we determine that, we set up an appointment for an online consultation via a secure online platform called Jane which is accessible via a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a computer.

We would make a diagnosis based on your symptoms and movement tests and provide you treatment solutions to manage your problem. We will do the assessment to determine the underlying problem, we may modify the assessment methods or use the help of a family member or friend to assist us. Once we ascertain the underlying problems, we will provide you appropriate treatment solutions.

Physiotherapy TeleHealth Owen Sound treatments would involve;

“There is this video making rounds in social media where the person spills some oil or soap solution on the floor and does a standing jog/run – NO, please don’t do that, you are at a very high risk of falling and hurting yourself”

How long will the appointments last?

The initial appointment will last between 45 minutes to 1 hour and the subsequent follow up appointments would last between 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

If you would like we can offer a 15-minute telephone consultation at no cost, to determine if you would benefit from telehealth or if you need an in-person visit. If you are in a situation where an in-person visit is needed we could offer it to you or refer you to a place that offers an “in-person” visit.

What do I need for my telehealth physiotherapy appointment?

How effective is telehealth?

There are studies that show that telehealth is an effective form of delivering physiotherapy, it was primarily used to reach people living in remote areas and now it is widely adopted due to social distancing protocols that are in place for combating COVID19.

There are studies that have shown that there is a 90% agreement in the diagnosis between telehealth and in-person practitioners and close to 80% satisfaction rate with telehealth compared to in-person sessions.

We do understand and accept that telehealth cannot replace the “in-person” experience and that there are some valuable manual therapy skills that we would not be able to use in a telehealth treatment, however under the current social distancing protocols, telehealth is a  practical and safer alternative to an in-person visit.

If you are not sure if telehealth would be useful for you, please do give us a call at 519-373-4464  or email us at and we will determine if telehealth is something that may help you get better.

What are the conditions you treat via tele health?

There are so many scenarios where we can make a difference for you, we would be able to assess you and guide you better during our telehealth session.  

Who can you treat via telehealth?

Would you offer telehealth in the future?

This is certainly something only time will tell. This is new for the majority of us and telehealth has its limitations, especially, the limitation on the manual therapy skills that we could impart in a clinic. However, as we explore the possibilities of what can be accomplished with telehealth, we are able to appreciate the people whom we could serve, especially those living in remote areas and in places where our expertise is unique and so yes this is certainly something we will look forward to offer in the future as well.

What if I do not want telehealth but want to consult you for future in-person appointments?

Most certainly Yes. We could set up an appointment to go over your history and the mechanism of pain and explore the options to address your pain and dysfunction. Perhaps we could even start off your treatment sessions prior to our first “in-person visit”. This would be very valuable for those dealing with chronic pain and pelvic health issues.

If telehealth is not a good option for you, we will let you know right away and wait until this is all over for us to meet in person.

How will I pay you for my visit?

You would be able to pay with your credit card or debit card in a secure online platform, just the way you would do an online shopping in amazon. In the event you are not sure how to go about it please give us a call and we will guide you through.

Does my extended health insurance cover my appointments and do you offer direct billing?

Most of the insurance providers are now onboard to cover your telehealth physiotherapy appointments. We would suggest you contact your insurance provider prior to booking with us just so to be sure.

Click this box to get a list of insurance companies we can do direct billing,
  • BPA – Benefit Plan Administrators
  • Canada Life
  • Canadian Construction Workers Union
  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
  • ClaimSecure
  • Cowan
  • Desjardins Insurance
  • First Canadian
  • GMS Carrier 49
  • GMS Carrier 50
  • GroupHealth
  • GroupSource
  • Industrial Alliance Financial Group
  • Johnson Inc. 
  • Johnston Group
  • Liuna Local 183
  • Liuna Local 506
  • Manion
  • Manulife Financial
  • Maximum Benefit
  • Standard Life
  • Sun Life Financial
  • Green Shield Canada
  • SSQ
  • Blue Cross

If you prefer, we can also provide you with an invoice  and you could submit the invoice to your insurance company and get reimbursed.

How do I book my telehealth appointments?

Please give us a call at 519-373-4464, send us an email at or use the Form below and we will take it from there.







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