Post Surgical Physiotherapy

At Physio Care we follow established protocols by renowned facilities such as the Kennedy Fowler Institute in London, Ontario and modify them if needed to progress your mobility, strength and function to accomplish the most from your post-surgical rehab.

Our assessment and treatment would involve treatment sessions in the clinic as well as teaching exercises and providing home exercises program for you to follow in your home/gym. Our treatment would involve addressing the acute inflammation that comes with the surgery and graded progressive mobilization and strengthening exercises, gait training, balance training and advanced exercises to build your strength, mobility and agility.

The typical protocol following a surgery would involve the following phases of rehab.

Immediate post-op (0-2 weeks): 

  • Patient education
  • Management of inflammation/swelling.
  • Exercises for muscle activation and range of motion.
  • Training on how to use the crutches or walker with in the weight bearing limit suggested by surgeon.

Early strengthening and mobilization exercises: (2-6 weeks)

As the inflammation subsides, we will then work on progressing your mobility and strength with in your capacity.

Progressive weight bearing, strengthening and balance exercises: (6-12 weeks)

Return to activity/advanced rehab (3 months and above)

 A lot depends on your functional and recreational goals. We will prescribe and progress your exercises to be able to accomplish your goals.


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